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Online businessmen are the most confident people on the planet today. They explore the world of the Internet the way Columbus explored unknown lands. E-commerce is the Wild West of our time. Dangerous and unpredictable.

But if you can find a guide to lead through it, you will reach the gold of this dangerous land. I propose a software that will analyze all your customers data effectively and will protect you against click fraud like TEA software. Have you heard about click fraud?

It`s the thing that can exhaust you PPC budget in several days. Just because bots that never get tired will click on all your ads making you go bankrupt.  I know what I am talking about. Even Google acknowledges the threat of click fraud calling it a real plague of the Internet today.

If you need protection from a sophisticated program that can destroy your business, you definitely need some sophisticated software to stand against it and save your budget. TEA software will become a reliable and effective companion in difficult situations.

So you`re one of them, online businessmen, who has just launched a website and is waiting for the first customers.  If you have entered the niche with high competition, you should expect that your competitors will use black hat methods to drown you. Click fraud is one of them. It is especially dangerous for online businessmen who are new in e-commerce.

Even experienced marketing specialists will prove you that the first month of advertising won't bring numerous deals as it will be more experimentation to change the battle. Any marketing campaign will require a couple of more months to make it gainful for you.

But marketing specialists, if you hire them, won't let you know that Google will charge you as a merciless merchant on the market in Marrakesh.  More than that, a part of  the traffic you'll receive after several months will be fake.

The reason is bots. And Google is keeping silent about them. We don't want to keep silence. We want more people to learn about click fraud.

What Is Click Fraud?
Click fraud is very common today. It appears when someone, who doesn't want to buy your goods, clicks on your ads on the Internet too many times. That is how your ads disappear ( and the ads of competitors take their places) and, more than that. You have to pay for all the disbalance.  

You can oversee it yourself with four principle tips and traps. Regardless of whether it be your rivals attempting to disrupt your business by depleting your PPC budget or bots, click fraud is still very dangerous.  

Whatever the reason might be there is something YOU can do about click fraud. Because I must tell you one important thing: Google won`t do anything about it.  

Web indexes are always endeavoring to keep this from happening yet like most things in life, it's a long way from idealizing. Presently it's a great opportunity to take matters into your own hands through either manual examination or computerized arrangements.

Dealing with Click Fraud: Internal Reporting

Data, data, data. The wellspring of all power. Ought to be your initial phase in your arrangement for assault. It's imperative to comprehend what you're up against.

Here's the data you'll have to accumulate:
  • IP Addresses
  • Snap timestamp
  • Activity timestamp
  • Client operator

An IP address reveals to you where your watcher is seeing from. It's essential to check your IPs so as to screen and track suspicious conduct.

Activity originating from a similar place is a warning in click extortion recognition however it could likewise simply be originating from an open server like a bistro or college.

Click fraud is more than common. While an activity timestamp is the point at which the activity is finished on the site. Various snap timestamps with no activity time stamps are gigantic markers of snap extortion.
Thing You Can Do About Click Fraud

  • Change Your Ad Targeting

Through changing your particular geographic districts, for example, certain postal divisions, urban communities, and so on.

Why is this helpful? Snap ranches, frequently beginning from poorer nations that have a generally bring down work rates. One technique to battle contender misrepresentation is by barring their particular district.

The drawback of this strategy is you might have debilitating certifiable movement to your site. So it's vital to reconsider before going rejection insane!

  • Using SMM

Online networking promoting might be your magic wand when endeavoring to diminish click fraud if these different strategies didn't do the trap. This DIY tip takes out outsider distributors, which might be the wellspring of some of your melancholy. It enables you to be particular with cutting-edge focusing on choices.

While making it progressively more troublesome for contenders/dangers to contact you here. The drawback of social publicizing is the absence of client purpose. Moving far from seeking stages as a result of somebody tapping on your battles ought to be a final resort.

But these methods require two important things: time and cash.To gather all the data necessary for inside detailing it takes endless worker hours, some of which you might not have

Another thing to ask yourself: “Does your organization have the capacities to gather this information?” In the event that this information is not gathered and investigated appropriately then the DIY approach may not be workable for you.

E-commerce solutions, such as TEA software, are to be sure the answer in your fight for success. You don't need much, you need to install it properly and watch it working: gathering data, analyzing it and presenting it to you in a comprehensive form. You have nothing else to do: you have to enjoy the way your online store works when TEA is installed.
TEA is able:
  • To differentiate bots from users after several seconds, It analyzes all the minor behavior patterns and detects and blocks bots instantly. And forever. You will never be able to do such an amount of work if you do it manually. This software is created to cope with all the suspicious activity of your users and make your online business really profitable.
  • This software can provide you with effective analytics. And data is the first thing you need to run your business smoothly. Up-to-date analytics that is generated regularly is the key to understanding of your website users and their needs. If you allow bots click on your ads, it means that you distort analytics seriously. It often leads to poor optimization. Analytics is the core of successful online business. With this software you will have high-quality analytics and will be able to influence your website development.
  • Most marketing specialists have never heard of click fraud that is why they ignore it. If you use this software you will be able to boost your website effectively with the help of SEO, for example.
  • TEA is all automated. You don't need to study to do something special. You don't need to create new ways of operation. It works for you when you are sleeping. That is how effective software should work to provide users with fruitful results in time.